Kukoon is a collectively run cultural centre in Bremen-Neustadt. We aim our actions at benefiting the greater good. At Kukoon everybody is paid the same hourly wage — no matter if working at the bar or in the kitchen, doing office tasks, administrative work, cleaning, or public relations.

We aim at making cultural and social participation accessible for everyone. This holds true not only for our events (that mostly have no entry fees) but also for our gastronomic offers: We established the so-called Huckepack system (“piggyback”) so that you can pay in advance for someone else’s future coffee or soup. This approach can also be found in our price policy. The lowest price covers our running costs. Higher pricer allow us to offer the minimum price for people with lesser budgets. It’s a system of solidarity.

We want to make good (and vegan) food easily available for you. Our produce is mostly organic and comes from local sources when possible.

To run Kukoon collectively means to work with flat hierarchies, to be transparent both internally and towards the public and to make decisions in a democratic way. When generating profits, our aim is to give back: We either support other independent groups or use the money to offer an even wider range of events or socially relevant structures.

Bild vom lichtdurchfluteten Saal des Kukoons mit seinen Gästen.

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You'd like to support us? Our registered association "Verein für Bunte Kombinationen e.V." relies heavily on donations to continue its cultural work. If needed, we'll provide you with a donation receipt.
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