DJ Pralina

Thursday, 30.06.2022
Doors open
Location: Kukoon am Wall
DJ Pralina

DJ Pralina discovered the fun of DJing at the beginning of the year and is now ready to delight you with her sound. Musically she has settled somewhere between Dark Disco, Italo, Indie Dance and Deep House. She feels comfortable between a lot of melody and happy sounds, which can also be a bit harder sometimes. So far she stays true to her base Bremen with her gigs, gave her debut in Bremen's favorite underground garage and soon it may go to Berlin in addition to the MoynMoyn Festival. Her crew is also brand new, called team.ancora and shares her love for diverse beats. She is happy about every person who dances, laughs, drinks, sits, bobs and wiggles their big toe to her beats. Bounce to full beats, Pralina for the sweetness.

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