Thursday, 30.06.2022
Doors open
Location: Kukoon am Wall

Vocals that go to the heart, cuddly saxophone vibes and basses for the guts: THORD1S from Hamburg layers, loops and mixes themselves live to brand new Eighties, made with love in 2022. A queer-feminist rock'n'roll ride between pop and performance, tearjerkers and minirave. There is no man or woman. There is only THORD1S. Mullet!

The new single "IN THE SUN" will be released on 27.6.2022. More info and the new video for the track can be found here.

THORD1S is the main project of director, musician and performer Thordis M. Meyer (they/them). Recent theater projects are "ACHTERBAHN - Solo so low, solo so high", shown for the first time at LICHTHOF Theater Hamburg in March 2022 and "PERISTALTIK - The Shit Show", that premiered at Club TurTurin Hamburg Wilhelmsburg in December 2021.

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