Mina Richman

Thursday, 07.07.2022
Doors open
Location: Kukoon am Wall
Mina Richman

Singer-songwriter Mina Richman, previously known as Mina Schelpmeier, has reduced the spelling error rate on concert posters and named herself after the famous Cher quote "Mom, I am a rich man." She sings songs about life as a young woman, about loving and falling out of love or not even coming to love. Her English lyrics have depth, yet never lose that certain lightness and warmth that is also found in her powerful voice. Feminist and queer themes also occupy the musician and are taken up in her music. Mina Richman (vocals, guitar, ukulele) does not shy away from the vulnerability that comes with uninhibited honesty.

In addition to humorous anecdotes, Mina also has her sexy band with her. Friedrich Veit Ali Schnorr von Carolsfeld - we checked this name for authenticity - (electric guitar), who reminds us of John Mayer in his playing style and always has a grin on his face, Alex Mau (bass), who embodies joy more inwardly than outwardly as a band stoic, and Leon Brames (drums), who combines these two extremes in one person.

On 06.05.22 she released her debut EP "Jaywalker" on the Münster based Ladies&Ladys label. Her single "Bad Girls" made it into the rotation of DLF Kultur and was recommended by GALA for International Women's Day. Together with the singles "A Broken Friendships Tale" and "Jaywalker", "Bad Girls" was placed on various editorial playlists on Spotify, including EQUAL GSA, Fresh Finds GSA and New Music Friday Germany. And to have all media covered, she is on the first season of the new Sat1 music show "All Together Now".


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