Jesus the War Machine

Thursday, 07.07.2022
Doors open
Location: Kukoon am Wall
Jesus the War Machine

For all of us there are songs for the nightly drive home, for the shower, for being alone. Jesus The War Machine mixes from it the taste of the five musicians into one. It gets messy. Through jazzy, bluesy, funky and rock influences, the distinctive skalesque lightness arises, which lyrically seeks the reference to reality. From getting along to nothing, at times metaphorically at times not. Soaked by the sound of the trumpet, covered by the singing of the guitars and the rhythm.

A band formed by chance, which has recently released its first album – cobbled together in the rehearsal room to the dismay of the recordist, but they seem to still be getting along. Throw your paws together for Jesus The War Machine!

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